Migrant Head Start

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start was established in response to the needs of farm worker families.

In most states, local childcare resources are not available when families come into a community, mhspic1 especially for infants and toddlers. Parents must take their children to the fields where they may be exposed to pesticides, hazardous equipment, extreme heat and other health dangers. Annually, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start programs serve nearly 37,000 migrant children and 2,500 seasonal children in 40 states. They provide extended hours of service up to 12 hours a day to meet the needs of parents who are working in the fields.

Holyoke-Chicopee-Springfield Head Start, Inc. in Springfield, MA is the Massachusetts Migrant and Seasonal grantee, offering full-day summer and seasonal programs from February-December for 131 children birth to five.

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